I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. 
Thank you, Tao! The ambience was wonderful. I thought to myself, how lucky am I to be here? Getting a massage next to a crackling fire and it's about to start snowing! The perfect way to wrap up stressful holiday season. 

Cindy C.
Getting massages from Tao has been great. The massage is the best, but it is also complemented by a great ambiance. Her business is located in Germantown and massages take place in a room with relaxing decor. I recommend getting a deep tissue massage as they have done wonders for me. They really work out all the tight spots in my muscles and help my stress melt away. I couldn’t ask for more.

Sam S

Best. Massage. Ever. I will try to describe the indescribable. Massage by Tao is a deep, penetrating, full-body massage complete with hot stones, strong pressure, and thoughtful attention to detail. Sensory effect is phenomenal. But that does not capture what is so exceptional about a massage by Tao. Tao uses her own bodily strength and powerful presence in a way I have never before encountered (and I have had a lot of massages over the years). Yes, there is a lovely fireplace and the lights are low, but this is less like your typical spa experience of scented oils and crafted relaxation, and more like being candidly manipulated, pressed, and pounded by a matter-of-fact medical professional whose genuine interest is in making you feel absolutely fantastic. It is definitely not for the shy or faint of heart, but that's a big part of what made it so amazing! I cannot say enough good things about massage by Tao. I plan to return as often as possible and tell everyone I know about it. The only thing I would do differently is go ahead and make the appointment for 90 minutes, because 60 minutes is not enough.

Jennifer C


I was vacationing in Nashville and had somehow got all knotted up over the weekend. Sent a Email to Tao Monday morning before she opened up and got an immediate call back to schedule an appointment. Walked into a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. I saw Tao and thought to myself she is pretty tiny to be doing a deep tissue massage so I best take the hour and a half. Well, 90 minutes later, I walked out of her studio feeling like a noodle. Thank you Tao! I enjoyed the experience and had a blast exploring Nashville afterwards! Money well spent - Wish I lived closer to be a regular!
Bill Weiss
She is the best!!! I will tell any and everyone about her!!! She took her time and listened and made sure to check in with me to make sure everything was going OK.. The best part is I got a great deal, it wasn't just a massage, I got hot stones, stretching, and a great atmosphere!
Sarah M
I could not be happier with the massage I received from tao. She is so kind and highly skilled. Taos strength and experience is apparent. I will definitely be returning soon. I am very grateful for my friend Anne walker who highly recommended tao!
Mimi Rose
What an outstanding experience! I cannot say enough nice things about this lovely business and its proprietors. Tao is an excellent and thorough masseuse and the ambience in this beautiful historic Germantown home is so warm and inviting--complete with in-room fireplace! A great value and high quality experience. They also have an infrared sauna which is hard to find in town. Enjoy!

Anne H

WOW. That was by far the most incredible massage experience I have ever had in my life. The ambiance & in room fireplace were beautiful, and Tao is an exceptionally talented masseuse. I came in because of a migraine, and she intuitively knew exactly where to massage and used techniques I've never experienced before. It was magical. She used her entire body to massage (which in itself was incredible), and her knowledge and experience was so apparent.She is very strong, which I absolutely loved, and even ended my massage with this amazing muscle soothing Chinese medicine salve and hot stones. There are truly no words to describe how amazing this massage was. I am in awe and would absolutely recommend Tao to anyone and everyone!!
Lauren Miller
Tao is such a lovely and kind person! Her style of massage is very unique and therapeutic. She is definitely the person to see if you are in need of serious pain relief. I always leave her feeling much better! Thank you, Tao.
Ashley H